FLOOR360 participates in all environmentally responsible practices.

FLOOR360 headquarters are located in Madison, WI so of course we are environmentally conscious and proud of it!

Carpet that is taken from job-sites is recycled through local companies and then forwarded to national recycling plants.


  • FLOOR360 offers N6 Nylon Carpet that is is not “down cycled” but is truly “recycled” into new carpet!
  • FLOOR360 purchases our hardwood from manufacturers that are committed to sustainability and forest management.
  • FLOOR360 offers a wide selection of Green Products such as Cork, Bamboo, Linoleum, and Recycled Glass Tiles.


All removed carpet, carpet cushion, cardboard, etc. is collected by a local recycling company which delivers the waste to national recycling facilities.

Want to know more about how we’re keeping it Green? Feel free to ask any one of our sales associates!