Follow the Design for a Difference (DFAD) 2018 Project Updates featuring East Madison Community Center and the Design Team. The story will be told through photos and videos starting with the selection of a non-profit facility in February, the makeover selection announcement to the public in March, the design team planning and designing the makeover April through September, and finally the makeover that takes place in secret during two weeks in October, and the makeover reveal. You’ll follow along behind-the-scenes as the DFAD Design Team makes plans for all the spaces inside the facility.  During the two week makeover in October, the East Madison Community Center closes it’s doors, and the whole staff moves out. The specific plans made for the October makeover, like paint colors, flooring selections space organization are a secret until everything is revealed to the East Madison Community Center staff when they return to see their ‘new’ facility on Reveal Day.

East Madison Community Center Makeover Reveal Day!

On October 14, 2018 the leadership team, board members and program participants of East Madison Community Center saw their ‘new’ facility for the first time after moving out for two weeks. It was an emotional day for the 44 designers who planned, designed and worked to make the spaces special for the people involved with the Madison area non-profit. In the end, 12,800 square feet of space was re-imagined and designed specifically for the people who use it the most. FLOOR360 would like to thank over 250 Madison businesses who donated time, funds and materials to make the design plans a reality. The total value of the makeover is over $600,000!

Makeover September 29 -October 14

On October 1, 2018 the inside of East Madison Community Center began it’s transformation! Volunteers from FLOOR360, Supreme Structures, flooring installers and more began the demo process and flooring prep. The details of the design are a closely guarded secret that will not be revealed to the public until the leadership team and board members of East Madison Community Center see it for the first time on October 14. No one from the East Madison Community Center is allowed in the building between September 30 and October 13. Here are a few photos from the first few days, black and white photos are used to preserve the secrecy of paint colors and flooring and designs.


February 2018 – Selection Committee Meeting

Design for a Difference Selection Committee
Selection committee: Jennifer Rosen-Heinz, Cathy Driftmier, Tara Buedding, Angela Skalitzky, Sharyl Kato, Karen Menendez Coller, Nina Gehan, Bob Tobe

During January, various non-profit facilities in the Madison area filled out a nomination form on the FLOOR360 website and included photos of their spaces. In February, the selection committee met to review all the nominations for a 2018 makeover. The committee consists of Jennifer Rosen-Heinz a community volunteer and freelance writer, Cathy Driftmier owner of Driftmier Designs and national ambassador of Design for a Difference, Tara Buedding owner of Happy Home Organizer and national ambassador for Design for a Difference, Angela Skalitzky VP Retail Sales and Design for FLOOR360 and project manager for Design for a Difference Makeovers since 2015, Sharyl Kato Executive Director of The Rainbow Project 2016 makeover recipient, Karen Menendez Coller Executive Director of Centro Hispano – 2017 makeover recipient, Nina Gehan Development Director of Centro Hispano, and Bob Tobe Owner of FLOOR360.

March 2018 

East Madison Community Center
East Madison Community Center group photo at FLOOR360 Spring into Design event after it was announced they would receive the 2018 makeover

Spring into Design March 21

On March 21, FLOOR360 hosted the annual Spring into Design event in our showroom. All the flooring displays were moved out and the catering, stage, screen, silent auction, t-shirt sale was moved in. Our keynote speaker was Mark Brunetz, celebrity designer and national spokesperson for Design for a Difference. Amy Pflugshaupt NBC15 anchor, served as host, and Bob Tobe, owner of FLOOR360 spoke about his passion for Design for a Difference. A crowd of 350 gathered in the showroom to watch a video officially announcing that East Madison Community Center (EMCC) would receive the free 2018 makeover. Tom Moen Executive Director, and De’Kendrea Stamps Assistant Director were notified in advance of the event so they could bring some friends from the East Madison Community Center and speak to the crowd. 

April 2018 

Facility Measure and Before Pictures

The first Project Update in the 2018 makeover process is creating an accurate floor plan of the East Madison Community Center.  Alyssa Trautman Interior Designer at FLOOR360, Angela Skalitzky Vice President Retail Sales and Design at FLOOR360 and Chuck Maier Measuring Specialist at FLOOR360 went room to room at EMCC to document measurements to present to the Design Team at their first meeting in late April.

Design Team Meeting #1 at FLOOR360

A majority of the 38 design professionals that committed to volunteering their time and talent for the makeover process gathered in a large conference room at FLOOR360 in late April. Since the measures were taken of East Madison Community Center, a flooring plan was printed and hung on the wall so everyone could see it. A smaller version of the floor plan was given to each designer to keep. The objective of this meeting was for the designers to review the existing conditions of all the rooms by reviewing photos and commiting to making over one or more of the rooms in the facility. For example, a team of student designers and their teacher from Madison College will make over the computer lab. All the photos and plans and design team assignments are saved on a Google drive for everyone to see and share. 

MAY 2018 

Design Team Meeting #2 at FLOOR360

The design team met again to finalize the small teams assignments for the different rooms inside East Madison Community Center and review the overall color palette for the facility. In the near future, we’ll have pictures to post with the design team members in their rooms. Laurie Lundgren is an interior designer and color specialist who presented the group with her recommendations. Each small design team will select colors for their rooms from the overall color palette. But the actual colors selected must remain a closely guarded secret until Makeover Reveal Day this October. But here’s a tease to show you how many the designers have to choose from. 

The secret color palette for East Madison Community Center

May 12 Brat Sale Fundraiser

On May 12 from 10am – 2pm Abbey Weiss from Bella Domicile coordinated a Brat Sale and Fundraiser at Miller and Sons Supermarket in Verona. The proceeds made from the sale will go towards the makeover of East Madison Community Center this October. The funds raised will go towards purchasing things that are not donated like furniture. Design Team members took shifts working at the brat sale stand in the parking lot and they are Abbey Weiss, Angela Skalitzky, Dani Frank, Lori Jolin, Laurie Lundgren, Tara Klingbeil, Cathy Driftmier and Dondi Szombatfalvy. During the event East Madison Community Center Assistant Director De’Kendrea Stamps stopped by to show her support too! 

May 31 Design Team meeting #3

The majority of the design team gathered on location at East Madison Community Center (EMCC) on this day to see their spaces for the first time and talk to the leadership team and the kids who use the spaces everyday. The 38 interior design professionals who are volunteering their time on the Design Team have broken out into smaller groups to take responsibility for areas like the entrances, hallways, kitchens, offices, conference rooms, library, storage room, pre-teen room and teen room. The smaller groups of the Design Team met in their spaces with their clients to take measurements, hear how the rooms are used, and identified likes, dislikes, needs and wants. Now the creative design brainstorming begins!

JUNE 2018 

June 21 Design Team Meeting #4

Due to the top secret nature of the design plans, the majority of this meeting must remain confidential! It can be reported that there is a design theme in the works for the entrances and hallways that could be carried through to the office spaces and gathering places inside East Madison Community Center. The rest of this meeting revolved around final planning for the first annual Designer Rummage Sale on June 23. Earlier on same day as Design Team Meeting #4, NBC15 came to shoot Angela Skaltizky with some of the rummage sale items Alexandra Wood gathered and arranged for the video shoot. The story aired on Friday June 22. 

June 23 Designer Rummage Sale Fundraiser

The Designer Rummage Sale event was organized by Alexandra Wood, an interior designer who owns her own business and volunteers on the Design Team. The concept was to request donations of household items from Interior Designers and sell the items to the public, and put 100% of the proceeds towards buying supplies for the interior makeover of the East Madison Community Center. The sale was a runaway success raising $4500 for the makeover! Big thanks to all the interior designers who donated items, to the volunteers who worked at the sale, to the bakers who baked goodies and sold them, and especially to the shoppers who shopped for a good cause. Everyone agreed the Designer Rummage Sale should be an annual event held every summer. Some of the items for sale were wicker patio furniture, framed prints, framed mirrors, coffee tables, pottery, lamps, throw pillows, bedding, wall art and more. 

August 2018

August 2 Design Team Meeting #5 at FLOOR360

The whole Design Team is in the donations and acquisition stage of the makeover now that they each have a room assignment, met with the EMCC group, and created a design plan to make their rooms special. The facility design plans are a secret until makeover reveal day this October. But we can tell you about the meeting on August 2, where the whole design team gathers at FLOOR360 to review their individual needs lists and shares ideas about asking for donations. This is the part of the design process where the whole Madison Community can get involved and share in the joy of giving and create a special place for the people who work at and use East Madison Community Center.  As our media partner, NBC15 captured the meeting and some of the items on the design team needs list to help get our community involved in the Design for a Difference Movement. A POD container has been delivered to store all the items acquired for the makeover and with our generous community to support us we’ll fill it soon!

August 23 Design Team Meeting #6 at East Madison Community Center

On August  23, Todd and Eric from Supreme Structures met to talk about what they can do to help with the top secret plans the design team has for the interior makeover of East Madison Community Center. They went to the front entrance way, storage room, kitchens, a conference room and the pre-teen room. Supreme Structures helped a lot with the 2017 makeover of Centro Hispano and they’re reviewing plans and requests for this year’s makeover. The design team also reviewed samples of the flooring that was donated to cover 12,500 square feet of the facility! 

September 2018

September 13 Paint Schedule Review at East Madison Community Center

Angela Skalitzky and Courtney Wollersheim reviewed the paint schedule that shows what colors are going on the walls in which rooms. A Sherwin-Williams representative met them there to see the different spaces and review measurements. While they were there, it was obvious the East Madison Community Center team has made a lot of progress with packing to move out and make room for the makeover during the first two weeks of October. The East Madison Community Center staff has no idea what the Design Team has planned for the makeover including – flooring, paint colors, new furniture, wall hangings, accessories or room themes.

September 19 IKEA Shopping Trip

Thanks to Elks Lodge #410 in Madison and Exhalted Ruler Lynn Aspinwall for funding the shopping trip to buy fun things for the rooms at East Madison Community Center! Since the makeover is top secret, the photos need to be in black and white so we don’t give anything away. Angela, Courtney and Alyssa loaded up the FLOOR360 van with all the goodies and brought them back for the design team to place in their rooms during the makeover this October.