Nature has created the perfect surface for your home, with each floor uniquely yours.  FLOOR360 offers the very best collection of hardwood flooring, carefully selected and sourced from quality, innovative and environmentally responsible mills. Hardwood flooring is an investment in your home and FLOOR360 has the largest selection in the area and great value pricing. And if you don’t see exactly what you want we can custom source any species and look you desire.

Custom Order Hardwood

Samples of custom hardwood ordered for past real jobs

Our Custom Hardwood wall displays real jobs from past custom hardwood flooring orders. Wood species like pecan, zebrawood and reclaimed flooring with options like wire-brushed distressing, pegs, visible wormholes, jagged and French bleed edges, chevron pattern. And with FLOOR360 in-house craftsmen to install your one-of-a kind floor the process is easy. If you have seen it or dream it FLOOR360 can do it!

Mercier – Canadian Quality 

Mercier display in FLOOR360 showroom
Room scene featuring Mercier

FLOOR360 offers Mercier Hardwood, a Canadian company devoted to excellent wood stewardship. They grow, harvest, age, mill and finish the highest quality wood floors backed by a 35-year warranty. The wood is all slow-growth northern hardwood which has superior stability and beautiful graining. And the finish is 100% soybean oil based with no chemicals, a healthier option for your home. A large selection of stain options and unique finishes, all with the high-standard Canadian manufacturing process.

Exotic Wood / Indusparquet

Indusparquet display at FLOOR360

Hardwood flooring from Brazil like Chestnut, Cherry, Walnut or Teak is rated significantly higher for their natural hardness, which means ultimate durability for the surfaces in your home. Indusparquet conducts further tests to ensure their flooring withstands abrasions, scratch resistance, and impact resistance. See all the available colors in the FLOOR360 showroom.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction with hardwood flooring selection at FLOOR360 is guaranteed by the expert guidance of our interior designers, diligent pre and post installation inspection by our trained field supervisors and installation by our premium installers. Come to our showroom or schedule an appointment today with our design team.

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