Karen McInerney


During my time working in residential, commercial, and hospitality, I applied the principles of design to a variety of spaces, and have enjoyed making design visions become a reality. There is a unique solution to every space and flooring plays a major role in achieving the overall design. The principles of design apply to all applications and allow the space to come alive, bringing enjoyment to the residence and inspiring the client’s imagination.

To me, home is a sanctuary. It’s a gathering place for friends and family, a shelter for our pets and a place to call our own. I enjoy celebrating the ever-changing season that Wisconsin brings us and love accenting my home as the seasons come and go. Summer is a magical time for exploring hidden gems on Corvette road trips around America with my husband and capturing every ounce of sunshine on Sundays with family and friends on our boat.

I find great enjoyment understanding my client’s vision and working together to identify the best solution for their unique space. It is the journey which counts.

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This customer has a sense of whimsy and enjoys the beautiful depth of pattern in the Dabbieri Tudanca II. The binding and pattern match were completed on site by FLOOR360 installation team.


This client requested a luxury carpet under foot in the newly designed master bedroom. I suggested Stanton in stock Melrose wool giving a textured look. Additionally the wool selected to match the whimsical pattern used on the stairs. Team FLOOR360 paid extra attention to the seams and adjusted the pattern runs to balance the rooms and hallway.