Expert Tips for Properly Vacuuming Your Carpet

kelly kuehn interior designer

Kelly Kuehn, Interior Designer and Kashou Design Studio Manager

Kelly is an interior designer that holds the position of Kashou Design Studio Manager and manages the inventory of design-driven carpeting selection exclusive to FLOOR360. Here she offers her expert tips for properly vacuuming your carpet to keep it looking like new and remaining in compliance with manufacturer’s warranties. t

Vacuum suction and carpet types

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When vacuuming carpets of different carpet types – i.e. cut pile, loop, Berber – high suction and aggressive beater bars are detrimental to carpet life. Beater bars with stiff plastic bristles can cause piling, fuzzing, and other irreversible damage to carpet fibers. When the suction is too strong, fibers can loosen from the backing. These aren’t carpet defects, but indications that the vacuum is damaging the carpet. The beater bar should be raised to allow bristles to clean just the top of the carpet or can be turned off for effective suction-only cleaning. Refer to your carpet manufacturer’s warranty for the recommended vacuuming frequency and a list of vacuum models covered by their warranty. The use of several commonly sold vacuum brands will void carpet warranties altogether.

carpets with longer yarns

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Carpets with longer yarns require more attention than loop or low-level pile construction. Set the vacuum to its highest setting and use suction only to prevent fiber damage. Vacuum in multiple directions to release dirt and debris. Carpet rakes (about $20 on Amazon) can help maintain the carpet’s original appearance and prevent matting. Depending on how much traffic the rug gets, professional cleaning may be required once or twice annually. 

stains and regular cleaning

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Before treating stains, check the manufacturer’s website for treatment instructions based on specific carpet fibers and type of spill. To maintain the longevity of the carpet, carpet manufacturer’s warranties require professional hot water extraction or dry clean methods every 18 to 24 months to maintain warranty coverage. 

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