FLOOR360 Celebrates Flooring Contributions to Bucyrus Club Milwaukee

FLOOR360 is proud of our flooring contributions to the renovations inside the historic Bucyrus Club on Milwaukee’s South Side. It is a public venue for large banquets and events since 1920. On Thursday, July 15th, some people on the FLOOR360 team who worked on the project had the honor and privilege to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Bucyrus Club & Event Center. This event was followed by a formal dinner along with a tour of the club and museum inside. As the Bucyrus Club holds a sentimental spot in South Milwaukee, given it’s history, it was truly touching to see the community gather

What came through was that the club’s ownership team could not have been more proud and awe struck with the finished product. While networking with all those who brought this historic build off the ground, FLOOR360 could have not been represented in a better way with the final result of The Bucyrus Club. We, as a company, contributed and paid respects to a large project that will go down in South Milwaukee’s history, to be remember by the community and the retirees who originally founded the Bucyrus Club in 1920.

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