News Release: FLOOR360’s Milwaukee Design for a Difference Makeover Revealed



Milwaukee, WI (October 11, 2022) – FLOOR360, provider of high-fashion flooring and designs announced that Grand Avenue Club in Milwaukee, WI will see results of their free Design for a Difference Makeover on October 18 at 10am.

Since June, an all-volunteer group of interior designers have worked with a group of local businesses, suppliers, installers, painters, and other volunteers to plan and provide a much-needed interior design makeover for Grand Avenue Club, 210 E. Michigan Ave, Milwaukee, WI.

The size of the makeover covers approximately 3,000 sq ft inside Grand Avenue Club. There will be new flooring throughout that space, new paint, furnishings and much more that remains a closely guarded secret until the staff at Grand Avenue Club sees it for the first time on October 18. The staff has not been back to that space in their building since September 23, and are eager to see how the power of design transformed their space in an ‘open your eyes’ style event.

FLOOR360 collected nominations for the 2022 Design for a Difference Makeover from March through May of 2022. The Design for a Difference Milwaukee selection committee met and reviewed all the nominations then performed site visits to see a select few in person. FLOOR360 representatives gave the news to Rachel Forman and the leadership team on June 1, 2022 that Grand Avenue Club is the Design for a Difference Milwaukee Makeover recipient for 2022.

There are three phases in the 2022 Design for a Difference / Grand Avenue Club makeover process:

  • Planning – June
  • Designing and Procuring Elements – July through August
  • Demolition, Painting, Installation – September and October

A variety of sponsors and volunteers have donated time, money and materials to make the Design for a Difference Madison makeover happen since 2015. FLOOR360 performed a makeover of Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center, Milwaukee in 2019. FLOOR360 coordinates the services of local interior designers and business partners to help a local non-profit make over their space so they can focus on their programs, services and mission. To date, cumulatively, there have been over 500 Madison and Milwaukee volunteers and businesses involved, over 2 million dollars in labor and materials donated, and over 40,000 individuals impacted. More information visit floor360.com/d4ad

About FLOOR360

FLOOR360 uses design to make a difference in your home and in our community. The design and installation professionals at FLOOR360 utilize comprehensive processes that ensure a high level of satisfaction at every stage of the buying process. FLOOR360 sponsors the only design driven movement in Madison that brings interior designers and local businesses together to makeover much needed spaces at local charities, Design for a Difference-Madison. For more information, visit floor360.com

About grand Avenue Club

The mission of Grand Avenue Club is to provide adults who have experienced mental illness with pre-vocational training, paid employment opportunities, supported education and enriching evening / weekend / holiday programming. Visit grandavenueclub.org

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