For hundreds of years, natural wool has been the world’s definitive choice for premiere carpeting because of it’s unparalleled beauty and value.
Here are five key traits of wool carpeting that should add to your consideration of wool carpet for your next home flooring project.


 floor360 wool carpet


1) Beautiful


Lush and luxurious, wool’s fibers are the canvas for leading designers to create timeless and exceptional styles.


2) Organic


Wool is bio-degradable, hypoallergenic and renewable. And of course, nothing surpasses wool for environmentally friendly fabric.


 sheep wool carpeting


3) Safe


Wool is naturally fire resistant, and does not emit any off gasses.


4) A Great Value


Temperature moderating and stain resistant, and hypoallergenic; wool carpeting provides a lifetime of benefits and value.


wool carpeting


5) Durable


The best choice for high-traffic spaces, wool carpet resists wear and looks great for many years.


FLOOR360 offers the beauty and durability of wool carpeting in a variety of complimentary colors and textures for your home. As an added bonus we carry a selection of colors and textures in-stock at prices starting at $3.69 square feet. There’s a reason why wool has been used for hundreds of years to cover floors all over the world. Come to our showroom to see a selection of high-fashion wool carpeting and affordable in-stock options today, or call 608-274-2500 to talk to one of our experienced design team and set up an appointment.

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