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Carpet Fibers

The four basic fibers used in carpets today all have their individual strengths. Even more importantly, they all make excellent carpets. Your ultimate choice will be determined by the characteristics that are most important to you. Although some styles are made of blends, most are made entirely of one of the following fibers; Sisal, Jute, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester and Wool.


A 100% plant based natural fiber, Sisal contains no toxins or chemicals. It is extracted from the long spiny leaves of the Agave plant. Environmentally conscious homeowners who strive to have an all natural and beautiful home choose sisal for area rugs and runners that have a high-end look and feel while holding less allergens. The weaving patterns often have variations like knots and color differences that only add to the charm and desirability of the carpeting.


The above image is a jute / wool blend from Stanton. Jute is a softer plant that’s finer and softer so it feels better under foot. The material is for for low traffic rooms. This carpeting adds instant warmth and texture to any space while being environmentally friendly since it a natural fiber not made from toxins or chemicals. We don’t recommend using jute for wall to wall or stairway applications because it can not stretch.


Nylon is the most widely used fiber. Though it has many strengths, the greatest is its…strength. Nylon is incredibly durable and resilient. Because of its resistance to matting and wear, you will never see a visibly worn path in even the busiest spots of your home. Nylon carpet fiber is soft yet strong, shows color brilliantly, and cleans well. Though not inherently stain resistant, most nylons are treated with a stain-resist treatment for protection against household spills and stains.


The appreciation for polyester’s versatility as a carpet fiber continues to grow. Polyester offers exceptional softness, making it ideal for thick, cut pile styles. Polyester is also naturally and permanently stain resistant and fade resistant. It has excellent color clarity, color retention, strength, and abrasion resistance. Selections made from this fiber are easily cleaned and they resist water soluble stains.

Polypropylene (also called Olefin)

The use of polypropylene in carpet has grown dramatically over the past ten years due to the popularity of Berber style loop carpets. Polypropylene is extremely resistant to stains, fading, and moisture. Polypropylene, a value-oriented fiber, is also notably colorfast because it is solution dyed, which means the color is added during production and not dyed later. The color is such an inherent part of the fiber that you can even clean polypropylene with bleach.


The preeminent natural fiber, wool yields a soft, warm, comfortable feel. Wool possess natural resistance to moisture, fire and abrasion, ages well and is easy to clean. Wool is a great selection for high traffic areas and nothing feels like natural wool underfoot!

The price of wool carpet has become more competitive with other carpet fibers that are directly affected by the price of petroleum. And of course there is no other fiber that has the sustainability and green story of herds of sheep and natural wool.

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