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(June 8, 2023) Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce learned they will receive a FLOOR360 Design for a Difference Makeover in a surprise meeting on June 8. Watch Story


(June 16, 2023) FLOOR360 announces Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce will receive a free Design for a Difference Makeover in 2023. Read more free interior design makeover


(October 15, 2022) FLOOR360, interior designers, businesses and local volunteers came together to donate time, materials, and skills to provide a free interior makeover to Common Threads Family Resource Center in Madison. Watch Story


(June 9, 2022) FLOOR360 announced that Common Threads in Madison, Wis. and Grand Avenue Club in Milwaukee, Wis. will receive a 2022 Design for a Difference Makeover free of charge. An all-volunteer group of interior designers in each city will work with a group of local businesses, suppliers, installers, painters and other volunteers to plan and provide a much-needed interior design makeover for Common Threads and Grand Avenue Club. Read more about floor covering


(June 10, 2022) FLOOR360, a Wisconsin-based provider of high-fashion flooring and designs, announced two local non-profits will receive 2022 Design for a Difference Makeovers free of charge: Common Threads in Madison, Wisconsin, which provides support to families with individuals with autism, mental health, and sensory differences; and Grand Avenue Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which provides adults who have experienced mental illness with pre-vocational training, paid employment opportunities, supported education and special programming.  Read more about free design makeovers awards


(May 24, 2022)

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Tuesday, one local nonprofit organization was chosen for FLOOR360′s “Design for a Difference” free interior makeover!

Common Threads Family Resource Center was shocked to hear their school program was chosen for the free transformation.

“We’ve been struggling through the pandemic as a nonprofit organization and to have the support and health to be able to make this space, a better space for our students and clients. It’s just, it’s just incredible,” Common Thread’s Executive Director Kate Poppe said. Watch Story



(May 11, 2021)

Design for a Difference relies on many volunteers to help design, create, and execute a variety of projects for well-deserving members of the community. One thing that a lot people don’t know about our volunteers, is that many of them are working moms! Read more about working mom volunteers


(September 21, 2020)

There is just under a week left to cast your vote for a Madison-area nominee in the national Design for a Difference: Home is Where the Heart Is contest. Read more national makeover contest ( update: contest is over)

Read more


Written By Gwendolyn Purdom

(December 2019) FLOOR360 became a Design for a Difference sponsor in 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin, where its first showroom is located. After it opened a new location in Milwaukee, it helped launch Design for a Difference there too. This year it sponsored (along with its media partners) charity makeovers in both cities — for Walker’s Point in Milwaukee and for the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center in Madison. Read more about Wisconsin flooring

Floor Covering Weekly

(November 2019) FLOOR360 announced the completion of the interior makeovers of Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center in Madison and Walker’s Point Youth & Family Center in Milwaukee through their sponsorship of Design for a Difference movement.  Read more about makeover completion


Written by Gabriella Bachara

(October 2019) “We are the really fortunate recipients of the Design for a Difference grant, which is a local nonprofit that donates the services and talents of local designers to transform nonprofit spaces,” said Bob Hemauer, president of the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center board of directors.

A total of 50 local designers renovated 11 spaces at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, including the food pantry, meeting rooms, the youth area and more. See more

The Capital Times

Written by Nicholas Garton

(October 2019) The results of a renovation at Madison’s Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center left many speechless and others with a firm sense of pride when they were revealed at a grand reopening ceremony Sunday.

“I have no words,” one visitor said. “No words.” Read more about the opening ceremony


(October 2019) Designers and volunteers revealed a refreshed and revamped Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center this weekend.

The new center is all part of Design for a Difference, a national program working to makeover spaces at local charities.

FLOOR360 in Madison has sponsored the event for the past five years. NBC15 News is also a proud media sponsor. Watch Story


(September 2019) FLOOR360 Vice President of Retail & Design and Director of Design for a Difference Angela Skalitzky spoke with TVW about the 2019 charity makeover of Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center. Watch Story


Written and Photographed by Kristen Dvorak

(August 2019) It’s clear that the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center has invested its time and money in the people, not the space. While the local nonprofit located in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood of near east Madison has got good bones, the obvious wear and tear has taken a toll on the over 100-year-old building, which is used for dance classes, weddings, a food pantry, meetings, summer camps—the list goes on.  Read more about Wil-mar neighborhood center

The Capital Times

Written by Lisa Speckhard Pasque

(June 19, 2019) In the 50 years since the center opened in the former Pilgrim Congregational Church, the surrounding Marquette Neighborhood and nearby Williamson Street have radically transformed into one of Madison’s most desirable areas to work, live and play. Throughout that transformation, Wil-Mar has remained committed to its motto: “A place for all people.” Read more about Wil-mar


(June 13, 2019) Design for a Difference program is back at the Madison College to allow students a chance at interior design. Seven students get the opportunity to design the youth room, youth director office and computer lab on the lower level at Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center Thursday. Watch Story

Madison Magazine

Written by Andrea Behling

(May 2019 issue) – Top 50 Things that Give Madison Color – #36 Design for a Difference Madison. Every year for the past five years, FLOOR360, a local flooring service, has selected a local nonprofit to receive a free interior makeover. The initiative, called Design for a Difference, has given RISE Wisconsin Inc.’s Respite Center, The Rainbow Project, Centro Hispano and the East Madison Community Center beautifully redesigned spaces — all bursting with color. 

BRAVA Magazine

Written by Megan Roessler

(March 2019 issue) DESIGN FOR A DIFFERENCE— MADISON (DFAD) brings change to deserving nonprofits by enlisting the help of professional designers to make over their spaces—pro bono. Read more about the change


(April 3, 2019) Watch all the coverage from the day of Spring into Design and the moment it was revealed that Wil Mar Neighborhood Center would receive a free interior makeover from Design for a Difference Madison in 2019. Watch here


(February 20, 2019) The Design for a Difference project is where a local non-profit will get a complete transformation. It’s in its fifth year.

Centro Hispano received a makeover in 2017. Design for a Difference with its local sponsor FLOOR360 redesigned the East Madison Community Center in 2018, updating 18 spaces within the center.

The time to get those applications is quickly approaching. Click here for makeover application. Watch full story



Woman to Watch 2019

Written by Candace Wagener

(January 2019 issue) Thanks to the savvy, determination and design skills of Angela Skalitzky, vice president of retail sales and design at Floor360 and project manager of the Design for a Difference program, these nonprofit organizations have had massive, free makeovers in recent years. Read more about Angela Skalitzky


(October 14, 2018) Design for a Difference with its local sponsor FLOOR360 redesigned the East Madison Community Center, updating 18 spaces within the center. NBC15 is also a sponsor and partner of Design for a Difference Madison. Watch Story

The Capital Times

Written by Lisa Speckhard Pasque

(October 14, 2018) When the designers working on the annual “Design for a Difference” charity makeover pick a nonprofit organization to get a free interior redesign, they closely guards the plans. Read more about annual charity

Floor Covering Weekly

(September 21, 2018) FLOOR360 announced that the staff and board of East Madison Community Center will see their ‘new’ facility for the first time on Sunday, Oct. 14 after the Design for a Difference Makeover is complete. Read more about the new facility


(September 29, 2018) The East Madison Community Center (EMCC) has been serving families and locals for generations. Now, they are on the receiving end of help.

The national program, “Design for a Difference,” selected EMCC as it’s 2018 receipt. The national program partners with local FLOOR360. Demolition began on Monday. FLOOR360 has been planning this project for months. Watch the story


Written by Peggy Merrick-Bakken

East Madison Community Center (EMCC) will undergo a complete interior makeover thanks to Design for a Difference-Madison. At the Floor360 Spring Into Design event, EMCC Executive Director Tom Moen and Assistant Director De’Kendrea Stamps received the 2018 honor. Read more about the event


Written by Marni McEntee

(June 2018 issue) In March, De’Kendrea Stamps (Assistant Director, East Madison Community Center) learned the center, established 52 years ago, was the 2018 recipient of a Design for a Difference makeover, in which Madison-area interior designers, remodelers and construction professionals raise money and donate time to adopt a nonprofit each year to renovate. Read more about east madison community center


(May 31, 2018) The East Madison Community Center is months away from getting a makeover. The non-profit was selected as this year’s “Design for a Difference” project. This marks the fourth year a Madison non-profit has been chosen for the makeover. Watch story


Written by Lauren Moore

(March 15 , 2018)  FLOOR360 is a member of CCA Global Partner’s International Design Guild, which is the nation’s largest floor covering buying group. Along with celebrity designer and national spokesperson Mark Brunetz, the group initiated the Design for a Difference movement on a national level. Read about how FLOOR360 and other high-end showrooms around the country are finding new ways to give back to their communities. Read more about CCA groups giving back


child and family counseling and resource clinic

Written by Sharyl Kato

(March 2018) The Rainbow Project Executive Director Sharyl Kato wrote an article about the community success of the non-profit and about the experience and the impact the 2016 Design for a Difference interior makeover had on her organization. Read more about interior makeover


Written by Melanie Radzicki McManus

(April 2, 2018) Design for a Difference began in 2013 as a national movement. The brainchild of The International Design Guild, an elite group of designers and showrooms, and Mark Brunetz, former TV host of the Style Network’s Clean House, its concept was simple: Design professionals and students from the U.S. and Canada would compete for $20,000 in goods and services to renovate a space in their favorite charity. Read more about design for a difference


(March 21, 2018) The East Madison Community Center (EMCC) was named as the 2018 recipient of  Design for a Difference Madison makeover on Wednesday night. The national program partners with FLOOR360. EMCC has been a part of the Madison community for 50 years. It provides a safe place for families in the Truax neighborhood to gather, learn and support one another. See more


design for a difference design team

Written by Amber Levenhagen

(January 12, 2018) In 2015, FLOOR360 sponsored the first Design for a Difference, a national design movement sponsored by flooring stores that are members of the International Design Guild. Participating businesses provide free interior makeovers to nonprofits in its area.

Locally, FLOOR360 led the makeovers for Center for Families, The Rainbow Project and Centro Hispano. Read more about first design


design for a difference 2017

(October 23, 2017)  The Design for a Difference makeover of Centro Hispano has been completed. The reveal event took place on October 15, 2017. According to the company, the value of the makeover came to over $600,000. Almost 100 individuals and businesses donated funds, time, labor, materials, design, painting and installation. See more after photos


design for a difference centro hispano

Written by Shelley Mesch

(October 19, 2017) Centro Hispano was drab, worn from years of use, with a floor plan that wasn’t conducive to the community activities held there, says executive director Karen Menendez Coller.

But a two-week demolition and remodel has given Centro Hispano a much-needed face lift and left staff and community members overjoyed. Read more about Centro Hispano


Centro Hispano team

Written by David Dahmer

(October 18, 2017) Thanks to a $600,000 renovation from Madison-area designers, Centro Hispano of Dane County now has a modern, aesthetically pleasing look to it. Centro Executive Director Karen Menendez Coller could not be more proud and excited. Read more about the Centro Hispano


dfad centro hispano makeover

Written by Jason Busch

(October 17, 2017) It’s the rare nonprofit that can call its offices and facilities palatial. Some are even lucky if they can use the words attractive, modern, or functional when describing their workspace.

Like many nonprofits, Madison’s Centro Hispano has long eschewed cosmetic improvements to its offices so it can instead pour its resources into assisting the community it serves. It’s one of the reasons the charity was selected as this year’s Design for a Difference makeover sponsored by FLOOR360 of Madison, which has been providing these makeovers since 2015. Read more about the Charity


nbc15 centro hispano

October 15, 2017 (WTMV) – Centro Hispano, a Madison area non-profit that provides services to Latino families, was awarded a $600,000 renovation from Madison area designers. WKOW Design for a Difference Madison is a local organization that raises money to renovate non profit spaces annually. 


wkow centro

October 15, 2017  (WKOW) — Members of a local nonprofit got emotional Sunday as they got their first look at the inside of their new remodeled building. Centro Hispano was treated to a roughly $400,000 renovation, free of charge, by FLOOR360. 38 interior designers from Madison joined in to help give several rooms a facelift Watch more


design for a difference news

(October 2, 2017) Watch this news story about launching the 2017 Design for a Difference makeover at Centro Hispano with FLOOR360 CEO and Owner Bob Tobe, and Vice President of Retail and Design Angela Skalitzky who also serves as a National Ambassador for Design for a Difference. Watch


Written by Shelley Mesch

(September 30, 2017) A donated remodeling project will improve access and functionality at Centro Hispano, including easier access to the children’s play area. Staff members of the Rainbow Project get their first glimpse of their new waiting room in October 2016 after Design for a Difference volunteer designers remodeled the space. This year, Centro Hispano will receive a Design for a difference makeover with the renovation beginning Sunday. Read more about the Rainbow Project


centro hispano design for a difference

(September 19, 2017) This October 2 through October 15, FLOOR360 announced that it will execute the largest Design for a Difference Makeover of a non-profit organization in the country, valued at $400,000. Read more about the design makeover

News Release: Angela Skalitzky named Design for a Difference National Ambassador

MADISON, WI (May 25, 2017) – FLOOR360, provider of high-fashion flooring and designs is pleased to announce that Angela Skalitzky, Vice President of Retail/Sales at FLOOR360 has been named National Ambassador of Design for a Difference movement. The movement provides much needed interior makeovers for charities free of charge. Angela Skalitzky has served as Lead Project Manager for Design for a Difference interior makeovers of non-profits in the Madison area including Center For Families in 2015, The Rainbow Project in 2016, and Centro Hispano in 2017. Her objective in this role is to advise and inspire her peer group in the flooring industry to organize makeover projects in their own communities. Read more about the new release



(May 6, 2017) Design for a Difference 2017 Project Manager Angela Skalitzky talks to Amy Carlson about this year’s interior makeover recipient Centro Hispano. Work has begun on this exciting endeavor, over 30 local design professionals have committed to volunteering their time and talents. Watch the story

News Release: Centro Hispano to Receive Design for a Difference Makeover

MADISON, WI (April 4, 2017)  FLOOR360, provider of high-fashion flooring and designs announced that Centro Hispano in Madison, WI will receive the 2017 Design for a Difference Makeover free of charge. Local interior designers work with an army of suppliers, installers, painters, and other volunteers to come together over the course of the year to plan and provide a much needed interior design makeover for Centro Hispano, 810 West Badger Road Madison, WI. Read more about the Center Hispano new release


madison 365 picture

Written by and Photo by David Dahmer

(March 24, 2017) Centro Hispano is getting a total interior makeover of its building on Madison’s south side. That was the big news that came out of the Spring into Design kickoff event last night at FLOOR360 in Verona.

FLOOR360 is the proud sponsor of Design for a Difference, the only community-driven designer movement in the U.S. and Canada that brings local business owners together with interior designers to makeover much-needed spaces at local charities and non-profits.

“[Centro Hispano Executive Director] Karen [Menendez Coller] was one of the many reasons that [Centro] was nominated – her work and her passion and her professional skills … and organizing that group,” Bob Tobe, owner of FLOOR360, told the crowd at the event. “It was all pretty impressive when we researched it. They are so worthy of this and we can’t wait to get started.” Read more about the interior design makeover


NBC15 appearance

(March 23, 2017) On the day of Spring into Design, FLOOR360 CEO Bob Tobe, HGTV ‘Curb Appeal’ host and guest speaker John Gidding, and Mark Brunetz National Spokesperson for Design for a Difference went on NBC15 morning show to talk about the event and Design for a Difference. Watch the video.


DFADReveal-Design Team

(December 2016 issue) Have you ever noticed how a building seems to soak up the energy of all of those who have walked through its doors? For the past 36 years, The Rainbow Project has served over 10,800 children and 10,400 adult caregivers, providing restorative healing through therapeutic services and giving hope to those who have experienced trauma. Although there have been many triumphs and successes at the agency’s East Washington location,there have been plenty of tears and heartache as well. And unfortunately the sadness, instead of the joy, was being reflected in the space’s worn-out interior. Read More


state journal picture

Photo by and Written by Shelley Mesch

(October 16, 2016) Staff members at The Rainbow Project held their eyes closed as they were led into their office Sunday at 831 E. Washington Ave. When they opened their eyes, they were met by interior designers and a redesigned workplace.

“I didn’t know that angels came in the form of interior designers,” Sharyl Kato said.

Kato is the executive director of The Rainbow Project, a nonprofit where children and families can come for counseling after experiencing abuse or trauma. The organization has been in the same building for decades, and its age was showing. Read more about the redesigned workplace


Written by Marni McEntee

(June 2016 issue) In side an unassuming buildingon busy East Washington Avenue, The Rainbow Project’s staff has created a universe of healing for families affected by abuse, neglect, loss or community violence. The child and family counseling and resource clinic helps over 700 children and 700 adult caregivers every year overcome crippling pain, grief, fear and misunderstanding.

At the helm, and at the project for 36 years, is Director Sharyl Kato, who still carries a caseload in addition to handling fundraising, administrative duties, outreach and other efforts to keep the nonprofit afloat

Imagine Kato and her 20 staff members’ joy when The Rainbow Project was selected by Design for a Difference—Madison, to undergo a complete makeover of its facility. The Rainbow Project was selected from among 20 applicants this year, says Bob Tobe, owner of FLOOR360, which spearheads the Madison movement.

After touring the project offices, Tobe says, “It was obvious that the space at The Rainbow Project was in great need of a makeover and that design could make a difference.” Read more over about healing University


brava respite article 121715

Written by Shelby Deering Photo by Shanna Wolf

(December 17, 2015) A few days after the reveal of the Center for Families’ renovated Respite Center, a family of three checked in. The mother had two black eyes and had spent the previous evening in a domestic fight with her partner— unfortunately, the children had been witnesses. Scared and anxious, the children were at first unwilling to leave their mother. But as they started to explore the new space, their frowns quickly turned into smiles. Seeing her kids absorbed in the toys and activities, their mother could breathe a sigh of relief, watching her children be children.

This family is just one of thousands that will benefit from the redesigned Respite Center, and it’s all thanks to Design for a Difference, a community-driven national movement of the International Design Guild of which FLOOR360 is a member. Bob Tobe, co-founder of design focused flooring retailer FLOOR360, brought Design for a Difference to Madison and rallied a large team of local designers who volunteered to work on the project. It was the largest Design for a Difference project yet and included over 100 individuals and companies contributing over $140,000 of goods and services. Read more about redesigned respite center


floor trends pic

(October 26, 2015) A range of Madison, Wis., businesses joined local sponsor FLOOR360 in supporting this year’s Design for a Difference beneficiary, Center for Families, a non-profit organization that offers instruction, support, emergency child care, in-home visits and valuable resources that parents need to meet the challenges of parenting.

To date, FLOOR360 received over $140,000 in goods and services to execute the design makeover for Center for Families, according to the company.

The project, which was led by a team of Madison-area designers including Angela Skalitzky, Dani Frank, Caren King, Katie Merical and Michelle Schildgen, was a complete transformation of the facility in a one-week timeframe. Read more about the makeover project

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Madison, WI
December 6, 2017

I'm a kitchen and bath designer in the Madison area and have collaborated with Jennifer on a number of projects. When it was time for new carpeting at my own home, I knew that Floors360 was the showroom to visit. Jennifer was very helpful from product selection to installation. The project moved along efficiently and we're very happy with the final results. 

Madison, WI
February 5, 2018

Very pleased with Floor 360 staff and product design team

Madison, WI
April 7, 2019

Best Staff on the planet. Best in Madison

Madison, WI
May 19, 2019

The staff was brilliant. Couldn't be happier.

Madison, WI
June 14, 2019

We were so impressed with our sales rep Katie and our install team. We're thrilled with how it all came together. Thanks Floor360!

Madison, WI
August 17, 2019

The floor is great. the installers were the nicest men. Allison did a great job.

Madison, WI
August 29, 2019

Everyone involved in our carpet 360 experience was fantastic! From choosing the carpet to the expert installation it was a delightful experience.

Madison, WI
September 20, 2019

Alyssa was very helpful! Coordinating our backsplash along with the hardware to go in our kitchen. Alyssa took the time to meet with me at Home Depot to pick the hardware to go in our kitchen. We are pleased with the results.

Madison, WI
September 23, 2019

Floor 360 did our floor tile and tub surround tile during a bathroom remodel. Daniel and his crew were awesome with their work being prompt and meticulous. We encountered one small glitch with tile at a threshold that was promptly remedied. I would not hesitate to hire them for any work in the future and to also recommend them to anyone looking for superior quality work.

Madison, WI
September 28, 2019

I commend the Service Department for for their prompt and courteous attention to a problem I had with my hardwood floor. A competitor had installed the floor five years ago, but never responded to my email about the gap in the floor. Ruth Roper at Floor 360 responded quickly and sent Scott to fix it. The next time I need floor covering, I will be shopping at Floor 360. They provide excellent service! Thank you to Ruth and Scott!

Madison, WI
October 3, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Autumn and Floor 360 for the flooring of our new home. During the designing process, I would show Autumn a picture from Pintrest and she was able to bring me 2-3 options to choose from that would suit my style. She gave me sound advice when I was feeling overwhelmed with the many choices while building, and she even helped me pick out paint colors to coordinate with our furnishings. We absolutely love how everything turned out! In addition, we had started with a different flooring company, but their pricing turned out to be much higher than Floor 360's. It was definitely a win, win experience!

Madison, WI
October 23, 2019

Working with Courtney has been an absolute joy. She's been flexible with our schedule (and our tag along baby!). She's extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. The store itself had great selections, we found things that fell in both my husband and my taste which can be a stretch at times. Courtney was also very helpful in searching out options that they did not have in store, but could be ordered. A great experience thus far!

Madison, WI
February 15, 2020

Fun place with a wide variety of things

Madison, WI
June 20, 2020

Daniel Calvillo and his team installed tile for our bathroom floor as well as our new shower. Amazing experience! Very professional, polite and did an amazing job. Pleasure to work with. Love our beautiful new bathroom.

Madison, WI
October 9, 2020

Daniel Calvillo and his team recently finished the tile install in our basement bathroom. The quality of work, professionalism, expert opinion and timely manner in which the job was done was incredible. Daniels attention to detail sets him apart and we would love to have him for our next project.

Kitchen backsplash
October 19, 2020

Want to reiterate the positive reviews for tiling. Saul, Gabriel, Christian and Daniel did an outstanding job on our kitchen backsplash. Incredible attention to detail and professionalism. Saul told me they wanted to treat my house as their own; you did it! Thanks!

November 12, 2020

Great place with good prices and service!

November 12, 2020

Our overall experience has been terrific Autumn is outstanding.

November 12, 2020

Customer oriented, good product choices and quality installation with attention to detail.

November 12, 2020

Very knowledgeable and friendly

November 12, 2020

Courtney is the BEST! She helped us make great choices without getting overwhelmed by all the options

November 12, 2020

It was Courtney who helped us and she preselected some options for us based on the style I described to her, which made the process super easy and efficient.

November 12, 2020

I’m so thrilled with how my bathroom flooring turned out! So glad we did the herringbone installation for that one.The kitchen backsplash also looks incredible.

November 12, 2020

My bathroom niche height had to be adjusted and my concern was taken care of quickly and efficiently

November 12, 2020

Could easily have been overwhelming, but again, Courtney acquired a cabinetry sample & chose very appropriate samples

November 12, 2020

I have had two wood floor repairs done in the last 6 months. These were done by Daniel Calvillo. Daniel is a installation team leader. He has done outstanding work. Daniel was on time, polite and very professional. He is a credit to your team. His work was completed in a timely manner and the area was left spotless.

March 29, 2021

The backsplash is absolutely beautiful, and we are so happy with it. Love the grout you recommended. Just as importantly, it was a pleasure working with Isaac. His work and demeanor were so skilled and professional. Thank you for sending him our way. 

March 29, 2021

I have been working with Alyssa and it has been a pleasure. She helped me with a few large projects. A bathroom full remodel . Helped me pick floor tile and shower tile. Then hardwood in the entire home. Also a large tile foyer. We also gutted and are putting in a new kitchen. She helped me pick the tile backsplash which will cover almost all the the wall area in the kitchen that does not have cabinets. Very pleased with FLOOR360.

March 29, 2021

We are extremely happy with the way it looks. The entire FLOOR360 team has been amazing, thank you for all your help! We will be highly recommending you guys. 

March 29, 2021

We did a flooring project at our house a couple month ago with FLOOR360, we worked with Amanda and I have to say she was remarkable!  She was knowledgeable and provided great guidance on product and install, prompt and just an overall pleasure to work with.  Kudos to her and the team; the project ended up great!

March 29, 2021

Thank you for scheduling our carpet install for last Friday. The installers did a great job. We are very happy with it. 

March 29, 2021

Excellent job! Bob helped me to pick out the best pattern for a runner. So professional to work with. It turned out beautiful - happy customer.

September 28, 2021

We are so impressed with Floor360! From start to finish, the Floor360 team was attentive to our needs--- from Jen having fabulous samples ready to discuss in the showroom, to Kevin and Matt's team of installers being flexible with pushing back the installation date, to Janna arranging for final touches! We could not be more pleased with our ceramic tile, LVT, and plush beautiful carpet! THANK YOU Floor360 Superstars!

September 28, 2021

I worked with Alyssa at the Madison store. She was great. Always patient with my questions. I had a lot of delays which prevented flooring installation in the kitchen and bathrooms. Flooring 360 did not have an issue with that and worked through it. The installers were courteous,
efficient and professional.

September 28, 2021

Daniel’s team laid a beautiful floor. All my questions and concerns I raised were answered to my complete satisfaction. I was not satisfied w the standard door threshold and Daniel customized a threshold connection for me. My neighbor loved it so much he contracted w Daniel to build a threshold for their wood floor . His team members were kind and polite. They cleaned everything up. They even asked for paint to touch up the floor board in one area which they did not have to do. Daniel refused to accept a tip

September 28, 2021

Great place to learn and choose different types of flooring and carpets, tiles. Nichole is the best designer to work with. Recommended and will be back with more creativity

September 28, 2021

Working with Floor 360 during the remodeling project in my basement , has been a pleasure and has gone super smooth, each step of the way. From my initial consult with Kelly to the installation of the final product, everyone was professional, prompt and thorough. I had an idea as to what type of carpeting I was looking for and Floor 360 has so many options that it was easy to find and pick out exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier with the new carpet in my basement. Thank you to everyone at Floor 360 who made this an exceptional experience !

September 28, 2021

Great service and communication. I thought the price was fair and my floor looks terrific. I've been having a lot of work done on my house and their have been frustrations but thankfully the flooring went well.

September 28, 2021

Great team did an awesome job tearing out all my old tile and leveling the floor so we could have beautiful lvp flooring the install team even stayed a little later to make sure every aspect of the install was not only right but beautiful they really take the time to make sure your happy satisfied and content I will defiantly be using them when we get ready to do our other rooms

September 28, 2021

Floor looks beautiful. Installers did a great job matching up with existing wood floor and transition to other floors.

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