3 Unexpected Things Our Flooring Store in Madison, WI Can Do for You

Take a look at some options beyond the normal flooring scope our team can create for you.

Take a look at these unexpected things our flooring store in Madison, WI, can create for you. When you think of a flooring store, your mind might jump to rows of hardwood, vinyl, and tile options meant for your typical living room, kitchen, or hallway renovation. The FLOOR360 flooring store in Madison, WI offers more than what meets the eye. Beyond the traditional selections and services, we’re excited to introduce our clients to a world of unique possibilities that can transform not just spaces, but lifestyles. Here are three unexpected offerings that set our store apart.  

Take a look at these unexpected things our flooring store in Madison, WI, can create for you.At-Home Spa Retreats

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and being transported to a serene spa oasis, where every detail, from the flooring to the ambiance, whispers relaxation and luxury. Our flooring store in Madison, WI, can turn this dream into reality. We specialize in creating at-home spa experiences that cater to your personal style and will work with our team of experts to create your dream bathroom spa. We offer a selection of natural stone like marble, porcelain, ceramic tiles, and more that provide not only durability but also an aesthetically pleasing foundation for your spa-like bathroom. The magic doesn’t stop at the flooring. Our design team collaborates with you to select materials and textures that complement the calming spa atmosphere you’re aiming to achieve. From heated floors that welcome your feet on cold mornings to slip-resistant tiles that ensure safety and comfort, our selections are tailored to enhance your at-home spa experience. By choosing our flooring store in Madison, WI, you’re not just renovating a bathroom; you’re investing in a personal sanctuary.   Take a look at these unexpected things our flooring store in Madison, WI, can create for you.

Curbless Showers for Seamless Elegance

Curbless showers are a trend that’s not only about aesthetic appeal but also functionality and accessibility. Our flooring store in Madison, WI, is at the forefront of integrating this sleek, modern feature into homes. A curbless shower eliminates the traditional threshold, creating a smooth transition from the bathroom floor to the shower. This design can make your shower more accessible and easier to use.  

Take a look at these unexpected things our flooring store in Madison, WI, can create for you.Custom Carpet Options for Personalized Touches

Carpeting is a staple in many homes, offering warmth and comfort underfoot. Our flooring store in Madison, WI, takes carpeting to the next level with custom carpet options that allow you to express your unique style. Whether you’re looking for a specific color, pattern, or texture, our extensive selection ensures that your flooring is anything but ordinary. We will work to create a custom shape, style, or even stair runner in your preferred design. Our custom carpet services include consultations with design experts who help you navigate the myriad of options to find the perfect match for your home’s decor. This personalized approach ensures that your space reflects your personality and lifestyle, making it truly your own. Additionally, our high-quality materials and installation services guarantee that your custom carpet not only looks great but also withstands the test of time, adding value and comfort to your home.   At our flooring store in Madison, WI, we’re dedicated to offering unique services that go beyond the conventional. Our expertise on projects like at-home spa retreats, curbless showers, and custom carpet options showcases our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. For more information on our offerings, visit our website or contact our design team for more details today!

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