Jim Ratkowski

Carpet Fabricator

I have trained as a custom rug fabricator apprentice for several years and now I have a workstation inside FLOOR360 with all the materials and tools I need to cut and customize carpet to fit any space in your home. I love a challenge and creating interesting carpet shapes and finishes, the possibilities are endless. 

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Custom Stairway Runner

"Thought Steve and Jesse were great.  They're awesome installers. Could not be more pleased.  Thanks again, it transforms the house. Continued success.  I hear you are busy, and after seeing this product you deserve to be. Thank you too small a word."

Circle Area Rug Serging

No matter what shape your carpet is cut, Jim can add machine serging with materials you select, even a round shape.

Narrow Binding

A beautiful example of narrow binding on a custom cut carpet

Machine Serging

Jim used machine serging instead of tape to provide the customized finishes for this stairway carpet installation.

Work Station inside FLOOR360

This is the work station inside FLOOR360 where Jim customizes area rugs. 

Pattern Carpet

After Jim completes the custom carpet fabrication for your stairs, FLOOR360 expert installers complete the work with beautiful results

Spiral Staircase

The carpet is selected, cut to fit by Jim then he will bind and serge with the material and colors you select. 

Custom Carpeting on Stairs

Here's an example of a custom carpet stairway runner that's narrow but expertly fabricated and installed