Handmade Tile, A True Work of Art

Handmade tile can turn any ordinary surface into a masterpiece! These handmade and handglazed tiles come in a variety of house blends or can be custom colored to suit your decor. The tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes from a simple 2×2 mosaic to a hexagon or even a patterned mosaic in varying shapes. From a traditional Frank Lloyd Wright Deco style mosaic to a more modern bubble tile with concetric circles in different widths and colors, these handmade looks are sure to suit any style. The tiles can also have pattern applied to the face of the tile in a multitude of motifs, a fern, a cross-hatch or even a playful swirl can add even more personality. These tiles are available at either FLOOR360 location, Madison or Delafield, stop in today, the options are limitless!


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