Design for a Difference Progress Update

Design Team
2017 Design for a Difference Design Team, Centro Hispano Plaza

FLOOR360 is in our third year of Design for a Difference in Madison. Each year we select a non-profit from nominations to receive an interior makeover free of charge. Since announcing that Centro Hispano will receive the makeover in 2017, over forty local designers have volunteered to join the Design for a Difference design team

Design Team Meetings

The first meeting about the Centro Hispano project was in a conference room where the designers introduced themselves. The second meeting was a tour of the Centro Hispano facility as seen in these pictures.

Design Team Meeting
April Design Team Meeting, Sol Room

The picture above shows Executive Director Karen Menendez-Coller describing how they use the Sol Room. Below, Director of Development Nina Gehan describes how Centro Hispano uses an office space.

Design Team Meeting
April Design Team Meeting

The June meeting at Centro Hispano brought the designers and stakeholders together to discuss the needs and wants for specific spaces like the Plaza, Volcano Room, Dream Room, Kitchen, and office spaces. Before this meeting in June took place, the designers each claimed a space in the facility that they would be responsible for. The designers will collaborate with the stakeholders of each space to narrow down a list color selections, storage and organizational needs, furnishings and decorations. But the final selections, including flooring throughout the 18,000 square foot facility, will be made by the designers and will remain a secret until reveal day this October!

Design team meeting
June Design Team Meeting offices
Design Team Meeting
June Design Team Meeting in Dream Room

If you or someone you know would be interested in donating time, materials, or funds to Design for a Difference, please contact us today.

Stay tuned to see our progress throughout the process.


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